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"In Locked Gray / Linked Blue, Kem Joy Ukwu writes of faith and families, of mercy, of birth and death. She examines the cool, dark shadows of regret and the knife of obligation, holds who and how we are supposed to be up against who we actually are. Ukwu is a jewel of a writer—graceful, sparkling.”
Leesa Cross-Smith, Author of Every Kiss A War and Whiskey & Ribbons

"This is an extraordinary collection of stories. Debut author Kem Joy Ukwu is already a master at conveying - with admirable elegance - the small and large emotions, and the tensions, the moments of generosity, of betrayal, and of hope that define the human experience. This is sure to be the beginning of a long and important career, and I cannot wait to read what comes next."
Robin Black, Author of Life Drawing and If I Loved You, I Would Tell You

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